Regan and Bender

Two ropes with loops are let down from the flies, making it look harder than if they were the conventional rings. The bearer hangs by his feet for the first trick, which is the flier doing a half somersault from the stage, catching the other’s feet with his hands. The house liked this and vigorously applauded, but when the boy below, after one above had reversed his position, caught the bearer’s feet with his feet, through the same half somersault, the house just about went wild for a minute.
In the cross-fire conversation is a gag that if the U. S. goes ta war, actors and convicts will be placed in one regiment so the stars and stripes will be together.
"Drop Us a Line"
Like all acrobats who try to talk, this team tells there is something wrong somewhere before going very far. When they start to do the first trick, that explains everything, and the only hope left is that they won't sing.
Variety 45:9 (01/26/1917)