Parisian Belles

Kitty O’Brien led a pretty number in which the fourteen girls were becomingly costumed in colleen dresses. The numbers are neatly dressed and skillfully put on throught.
Victoria Sawtelle and Gladys Sears carry the burden of the musical department. The have good, strong voices and dress the parts neatly. "Crocodile Isle" and a quartet in the first part were the favorite numbers and were liberally encored.
Reba Donaldson opened the olio in a neat dancing specialty. The Irish reel was the best and could the costume changes be arranged to that end would make a better closing than the sailor dance. Sawtelle and Sears do nicely with a neat "sister act," and Somers and Law pass in a conversational with German dialect trimmings. D'Alva dog and monkey act was the strengthener. The opening drags a bit but later a good routine of comedy material is worked in and a "loop-the-loop" performance by a monkey in an automobile made a good finish. The Whitman Sisters in their familiar novelty singing sketch closed.
The finale of the burlesque keeps the audience in the seats to the last minute, thanks to a bathing costume worn by the girls.
Variety 3:4 (03/23/1907)