Norine Coffey

15 Mins.; One. Norine Coffey is a single with appearance and a sweet, powerful voice which she uses to good advantage. Her present routine consists of four published numbers. A little song story is interwoven, and makes a good bit in the act. The first number, quiet, is followed by “Victrola” which Norine puts over with the necessary vim to get some very good returns. After that operatic selection is used which shows Miss Coffey’s voice off to good advantage and the ballad encore fits in nicely although it is not very new. The dress worn is a stunner and it is no wonder she clings to it during the entire act. As a single woman Miss Coffey was a mile ahead of the Broadway and should not have been “No. 2.”
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.9, October 31, 1914.