Nellie Wallace

With her third song, "Mingle Your Eyebrows With Mine," having the melody of "We Won't Go Home Until Morning"
Appearing or the first time over here, Nellie Wallace, an eccentric English artiste, is so eccentric that she suggests the male rather than the female in her work. It is grotesque to an extreme, both in makeup and action.
Opening wit a song, "I Wish I Was Young Again," Miss Wallace pleases through the oddity of her efforts. With "I Was Born on Friday," Which follows, while the singer changes her comedy dres for another she does not change her method nor facial expression and this militates againt her.
The audience has grown accustomed to her exxcentricities.
Her position on the Colonial bill Monday afternoon was not calculated to bring out the full appreciation, but Miss Wallace was successful, and will be, for her work is so far removed from wat we have seen as to be likeable. The last song should be replaced. It is along the familiar lines of an imitation of an amateur soprano. Miss Wallace might also try to vary her style.
Variety 2:4 (02/23/1907)