Ned Wayburn’s Phantastic Phantoms

In a special setting, a box-shaped affair enclosed in black, with a strip light to blind the audience when required, Mr. Wayburn has produced what will develop into a novelty of the coming season: It is a series of black and white pictures. Seven girls and two boys work in the act.
There are few faster ground tumblers than the boy. and the girl revolves with speed, finishing with 20 consecutive hand springs across the stage. A "whirlwind" acrobatic dance becomes a feature. A couple of attractive numbers are the girls in tights, with black cloaks having a white satin lining, and the finale, where all are dressed in suits resembling skeletons.
This illusion is nicely carried out, and the inky black of the interior is used to good effect. The opening is odd. Mr. Wayburn has made a most creditable production, and one much appreciated by the audience. It redounds more to Wayburn's credit through giving near a perfect presentation on a first showing, without any preliminary "breaking in."
Variety 7:3 (07/20/1907)