Nat Willis

Singing Monologist
Some of Wills' songs this week are new, his opening and closing ones in particular, although the latter is not restricted to his sole use
Gauged by all standards, Nat Willis is singing songs and telling stories this week that, were they placed in manuscript to be read by an expert before publicly told and sung, would be pronounced impossible. Two or three of the parodies date far back, even though newly written in the lyrics. Two or three, or perhaps more of Mr. Wills' stories were told before you or I and maybe Mr. Wills himself saw a variety stage.
But the audience laughed and the audience applauded, and the audience retained Mr. Wills before the footlights, for twenty-six minutes, an unusually long time for a single actm finally exacting a speech for release after his own musical conductor had quitted the stand, having exhausted the musical repertoire.
Mr. Wills admittedly can tell a story and sings to bring out all the points, but the query returns: Why do so many others ail with newer and much brighter matter? It is a problem, and might be good reason for anyone to dig deep into the past resurrecting the very oldest, but still the “Sure fire” jokes for presentation to the chameleon vaudeville patrons..
Variety 5:2 (05/11/1907)