Mr. Hamlet of Broadway

Eddie Foy is the black-face-typed feature. Also featuring Mabelle Baker as Mrs. Barnaby Bustle, Oscar Ragland as Jonathan Cheatam, and George Schiller. Other acts performed "Wayburn Steps", Harry Madison performed "An Adirondack Guide", "The Hornpipe Rag" lead by Laura Guerite, "That's as Far as You Can Go," sung by Daphne Pollard and John H. Pratt, "In a Summer Hotel" and "Wont You Harmonise with Me!" died one by one, but the encores were faithfully given. This was repeated in "The Dusky Salome" rendered by Maude Raymond, In "Everything Depends on Money," Mr. Foy has a corking, catchy number, and the strains when heard often after in connection with his movements, became better liked each time. "When I Was a Kid Like You," sung by Mr. Foy with the fifteen tiny tots grouped about him, made one of the solid hits, and was handled by Foy in an exceptionally capable and clever style. "None of Them's Got Anything On Me" is retained by Foy as the single interpolated number. Ben M. Jerome wrote all the other music. With those mentioned as catchy, and "Under the Honeymoon" Mr. Jerome (who leads the orchestra) has cause to be proud of his product. Miss Pollard and Mr. Pratt, the latter an enjoyable baritone Miss Pollard has a solo "A Poor Girl Like Me" way down on the program. Earlier, Miss Raymond, as Molly Brown in an inconspicuous role, sang 'XJood Bye, MJolly Brown," in which her dialect character interpretations were bunched together. Miss Raymond's best was her "Ophelia" in the travesty on "Hamlet," where Foy really looked "The Melancholy Dane" he played, having a parodied "Soliloquy" that may have been written for a professional matinee, but not for the public at large. The "Hamlet" bit was brief, but amusing.
The costumes are far prettier than the girls inside them. This contingent of Casino femininity is surely the limit for homeliness in bulk. The absence of good looks extends to all pArts of the chorus, even unto the fifteen kiddies, one of the most enjoyable portions, and to the "Ned Wayburn Girls,"
Variety 13:6(01/16/1909)