Mlle. Simone de Beryl

Mlle. de Beryl did not appear at the premiere of the house, owing to a delay with the apparatus. Apparently, as late as Monday, one effect, a "fountain," could not be presented.
Mlle. de Berly does a series of "stereopticon poses." These poses are so different from others in vaudeville due to the prettier lighting effects and steropticon scenes, allowing for a better medium to present a more elaborately costumed woman. The woman stands against a large panel, her entire figure enveloped by the floating figured light. Her head stands out as she does no employ a slide. Mlle. de Beryl does not use "tulips," "Statue of Liberty" or other nonsensical designs in her poses. Her finale as her dressed in an American flag; it is permissible since others have had an overabundance of patriotism.
Mlle. de Beryl does well in the Cabaret performance. She would pass nicely, but quietly, in a vaudeville program. Her figure is well worth looking, although her lighting effects are not good.
Variety 22:9 (05/06/1911)