McMahon and Chappelle’s Pullman Porter Maids

Opening in fron of a drop representing the exterior of a railway station, with a clock in the tower fixed at “nine forty-five,” the girls dressed as Pullman porters, in blackface, are seated in a semicricle, apparently waiting for a dealyed train. There is one change only from the porter uniform to the watermelon suits, for which green stockings are worn throughout by the girls to finally match the underdressing of the last costume.
In this both score largely, having bright dialogue and several new jokes.
The audience thoroughly enjoyed the act for thirty minutes.
As a lively "girl act," with quick snappy action all the time, McMahon and Chappelle's "Pullman Porter Maids" is entitled to a first position. McMahon has no peer as a stage manager of girls. (about the girls' opening costume) This should be corrected to have a black hosiery at the opening; also some one to move the hands of that clock.
Variety 1:4 (26/01/1907)