Louis Robie

Has put in Jack O’Brien as the special attraction. William Patton is the only real actor, who plays an English swell with absolute repression. Patton must be an accident in burlesque as the legitimate seems to be his home. He is the only good thing about the show, there are no other comedians. As a show it is scarcely to be commended. The chorus is not young or shapely. Cover the girls in darkness most of the time. Costumes are in wretched taste and poorly made. Sam Green tries to be funny in his underclothes but they are dirty and it is found offensive. O’Brien come on and fights three rounds in ten pound gloves.
No humor, the chorus does not sing well. Oscar Lewis made some fun in the first part as a silly boy and Pete Curley played an Irish part. Sam Green then takes an Irish part and does even worse.
Variety, 1:2 (13/1/1906)