Lord Islington

Lord Islington (Robert Hickman) has come to this country to buy a mine, the holder of which conceives the plan of marrying his daughter, Ethel Remington (Edna Phillips) to the nobleman. The daughter, not having seen his lordship, runs away to avoid a meeting, and puts up at a hotel, which is also the stopping place of the lord. He, likewise, evading the old gentle- man, blunders into the wrong room, which, of course, is the young woman's.
The dialogue and business between the two before their identities are disclosed, is neither new nor amusing. Mr. Hickman's conception of an Englishman is the funniest part of the whole. He fairly yells his lines, and his constant repetition of one or two expressions is most tiring. Miss Phillips' shrill and unpleasant voice completely smothered out any agreeable impression she might otherwise have made.
Variety 8:2 (08/10/1907)