La Belle Blanche

Small of stature, with a cultivated soprano voice of purity and range, over which she has excellent control, the girl gives to he imitations also a vocal similarity to the originals.
On Wednesday afternoon, Anna Held, James T. Powers, Sam Bernard, Valeska Suratt, Richard Carle and Alice Lloyd were the subjects proclaiming at least that La Belle is not following in the stereotyped choice of impersonators.
The audience applauds generously and her impersonations of Miss Lloyed (used as an illustration of what the girl is capable of) stamps her as second only to Cissy Loftus. For the closing a solo sung “straight” is loudly applauded.
The selection of Miss Suratt sows judgment in choosing some one known to both the legitimate and vaudeville. It is acknowledged that little La Belle Blanche is the hit of the bill at Hammestein's this week.
Variety 5:3 (05/18/1907)