Klaw and Erlanger

"The Silver Star", featuring Adeline Genee, Nellie McCoy, Barney Bernard, George Bickel, Harry Watson, F. Stanton Heck. "The Franco-American Ragtime," by Jerome and Schwartz is the musical hit. In the "Cooney, Spooney Dance" she [McCoy] again sends it over, having Watson for assistance. Emma Janvier has an eccentric role (always given her of late), and a couple of songs of her familiar style. One "They Are Not Doing That This Season." The finale of the first act is "The Living Christmas Tree," with Genee in the center as she is of the "liquor" ballet at the finale of the second act, written by C.J.M. Glaser. Robert Hood Bowers is the other conductor in the orchestra pit, Which holds about twenty-eight musicians. Harry B. Smith wrote the book.
Variety 17:1 (12/11/1909)