Julius Tannen

Tannen's Junie McCree "dope fiend" mimicry compares with the best work of the sort that has been shown. It is a bit overdrawn, but that fact serves the better to accentuate the peculiarities of the original. The monologist made a lot of capital out of the "local," "Gee, I wish I could *do' McAllister."
Tannen's matter alone is new. His methods are the same, and he works with his old ease and assurance. Much of the talk was a move too quick for the uptown audience, but he worked enough "local" matter into the monologue to establish himself an undoubted hit. It takes an immensely wise and alert audience to catch the full value of Tannen's chopped-off points, but he has the knack of catching his hearer's personal interests and turning them to his own advantage. Without his entertaining talk the series of exceedingly clever impersonations would make an act strong enough to stand on its own legs.
Variety 8:1 (08/03/1907)