The act was twenty-five minutes long. Juliet performs several character studies. An African American assistant screens her as she changes costume for each number in full view of the audience. She opens with an impersonation of “an uncouth, loquacious, caramel-chewing girl with her own ideas of life and the people in it.” She proceeds to imitate an English Johnnie who is dapper and foppish, then a Scotch boy with a wicked toothache which he tries to soothe with hot water bottles. She finishes with satirical impressions of celebrities such as Eddie Foy, Ethel Barrymore, Vesta Victoria, Harry Lauder, Sam Bernard, Madame Nazimova, and Maude Adams. She concludes with a song made famous by Lauder.
"She's Ma Daisy"
Juliet? "worked like a Trojan" and soon had the Fifth Avenue audience on her side. They loved her so much she was called out for several spontaneous curtain calls. She got the most applause for her entirely original and new Scotch boy character.
Juliet? is clever and a hard worker. She could easily entertain any type of crowd.
Variety 28:10 (08/11/1912)