Jules Moy

James J. Morton has Termed Jules Moy, among other things, as a "Parisian Eccentrique."
The Frenchman does a little bit of pantomime while seated at the piano. Moy announced he would give an impression of a stage manager. After this he did an imitation of a ballet master and something else. He does not wear a wig to disguise his age (over fifty) or baldness.
At the restaurant-theatre, the Frenchman never had the attention of the auditors who turned in their seats for conversation.
Moy is not suited for America, it is shameful that he was brought here. In a regular vaudeville house, the curtain would have dropped on him during the first number. Not since the days of Dale and O'Malley or the Six Brothers Luck has an equal foreign act dropped into New York. He would be believed to be a private entertainer in his home town. Although, he is said to be something of a comedian in his own country. It should be noted that Moy scored with nearly the same at at the Hippodrome, London.
Variety 24:1 (09/09/1911)