Joseph Cusack

Joseph Cusack took up fifteen minutes in an early portion of the bill with a monologue that sounded like a sermon. Variety 8:2 (08/10/1907) Pastor's New York Harry Thomson Talking His dialect stories are a scream at this house. Variety 8:2 (08/10/1907) Pastor's New York Johnson and Wells Songs and Dances Mr. Johnson's excellent dancing and Miss Wells' abundance of pretty gowns are still the features. Johnson must have picked up quite a bit of French and German while on the other side. He displays it in a good piece of business with the pianist. The songs have not been changed and are now old. They should be replaced. Variety 8:2 (08/10/1907) Pastor's New York Hallen and Hayes Talk The dancing of both is a long way above the average. This alone would carry the act through. What they have does not play much of a part in the act, but nothing excuses some of the stuff now used. Variety 8:2 (08/10/1907) Pastor's New York Denny's Dilemma Sketch Mr. Fiske is careless, getting away from his character at times and losing the effects desired t
Variety 8:2 (08/10/1907)