Isabelle D’Armond

"Jolly Junk" (Songs, Talk and Dances) - The act is captioned as "That Dainty Little Will-o-the-Wisp." Miss D'Armond is accompanied by George Moore, a "loose" comedian who is a natural entertainer. They do so much in the 17 minutes on stage that it is barely possible that another vaudeville act does as much. The speed at which they perform is profound. Miss D'Armond sings, dances, changes three times, and plays the piano. A pretty dancing finish in "one" is connected with the singing of "Sweet Italian Waltz." There are a number of gags in the talk, some new and some not, but all excellent for the skit foundation.
The only fault in the turn is from "The Dollar Princess." The selection is too musical for these light entertainers. Miss D'Armond is a sprightly little thing, but perhaps rather a "pony soubret," and as good as the best of the several who have had their diminutiveness to help them "make good."
Variety 21:12 (02/25/1911)