Hazel Cox

17 Mins; One (Special Curtain). Assisted by a pianist Miss Cox is offering three song studies that remind one very much of the English artiste, Wish Wynne, who favored us with her presence several years ago. Miss Cox is of statuesque proportions and makes a stunning appearance. She has a most likeable personality and a delightful voice. The latter she uses to distinct advantage in three numbers. All of her material has been especially written by her sister, Ray. Her opening is entitled “Mother’s Old Gown” and expresses a pretty bit of sentiment. It is costume. Her second is a recitative song. “The Tug-boat and the Yacht,” which she places over in a pretty fashion. The closing song is called “Day Dreams of a School Girl.” The idea is a novelty and the best of the three. Miss Cox dresses the last character very girlishly in a pink costume that is exceedingly pretty, and the manner in which she renders agreeably the little waltz strain and the few bars of “Butterfly” that have been woven into the [unreadable] of the offering that slows that she has a voice that will carry her far.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.7, October 17, 1914