Greater New York Stars

Maryland Tyson sings "Henny" with the girls behind her, and an attempt has been made to have a good singing organization, but it failed. A trio of singers, the Messrs. Hume, Cain and Hoey, singing "straight" with no comedian, wear evening dress, and one won several recalls with "Won't you come over to Philly Willie."
Lloyd Hoey renders a "Popular Millionaire" but is in such a rush to leave the stage that he loses an encore in his haste.
Harry Wright opens it with songs and a recitation. He has some new jokes, not shallow enough for the Murray Hill, but his piece "The Pace That Kills" brought some applause. Buch Brothers do some good comedy acrobatics from a bounding net. They work quickly, have striking tricks, and could improve the comedy until it becomes a valuable offering in or out of burlesque.
Everything in the "Stars" from the opening to the beginning of the burlesque is a "specialty." Even the first part is split up. There is a plot, but it is immediately buried ater being produced. The numbers in comedy are pushed forward in sections. The piece is so far forgotten towards the end that the "mistaken identity" of a daugter and so is not explained.
Variety 3:3 (03/16/1907)