Gladys Clark and Henry Bergmann and Co.

It is about a violin, giving a faster ending than the former Hawaiian song and dance did, the Hula dance by one of the two young girls in the act also having been removed.
During one of the numbers, when both principals are doing dope characters, Miss Clark rolls a cigarette while dancing, passing it to Mr. Bergman who smokes it.
The turn opens with the Clark and Bergman's invalid chair idea from "The Trained Nurses," this serving for an opening only, after which the couple sing "Yaddie Kaddie." following it with "Shanghai" (the dope number) Then Mr. Bergman does "When They Grow Older" finishing this with a dance with each of the two young girls now in the act, and Bergman and Clark doing the exit dance. Afterward Clark and Bergman have "Luana Shore," their hit in "Step This Way" and theturn goes to its conclusion with the violin number, orobablv called "You Have to Pay the Fiddler."
Variety 45:6 (01/05/1917)