Gay Morning Glories

During the entire first part, although the girls are off stage twice, each time long enough to make a costume change, they reappear with the long fancifully colored dresses, until one in the audience is tired beyond expression of seeing them. (Miss Harvey) She dances well, has a fair voice, reddish hair, good looks, two eat short dresses for her olio act, and makes the hit of the show, but could do better with her songs. .
Miss Harvey has one song in the opening, and opens the olio, having the assistance of two boys.
Anna Glocker is another woman with a presentable stage presence; also a better speaking voice than sining, and Lulu Robinson plays a principal part as does Etta Cooper, who seems to be the "leading lady." John. C. Hanson is a "Dutchman" of a type which raises itself above the average through being unassuming, and Gus Neser plays a "con" man without causing comment either way. The Glockers (Anna and Charles) in the olio have a good finish in a comedy sketch through introducing baton whirling, and the Robinsons (Tom and Lulu) offer a conversation which pleased, although Miss Robinson repeats too often after the style of years ago.
The title of "Part I" is "The Three Admirals," and the theme is "mistaken identity." At no place is the piece in danger of collapse, for the interest is not maintaned. The comedy arouses a few laughs, but the funnies portion is where the chorus girls with long black gloves wave their arms in windmill fashion, giving a kinetoscope effect.
Variety 3:5 (03/30/1907)