Fun at the Seashore

The costume for the opening is rather awkward, but the later changes are pretty.
Mildred Hanson is the leader. She is a neat dancer, and her voice was used to good effect in the ensembles. The girls work hard, but just now seem to be without proper direction. A march number is used for a dancing finish. A lot more speed in the dancing at this point would materially aid the finale.
Miss Hanson has a “plant” in the audience for one of her solo numbers.
The work of some girls is a bit crude, but there is good material in the company, and with its proper development the number should become and entertaining “girl act.” The offering is probably a revision of the “girl act” tried out some time ago at Keeney's under the title “A Day and a Night at Atlantic City.”
Variety 6:4 (06/21/1907)