Elsie Janis

On Monday evening, seven numbers were given, if the recitation in Italian about the “Roses” may be included, and altough this was not announced, it may ave been an impersonation of any one of six burlesque comedians who ave done the same thing this season after singing “My Mariecuccia.” Another was Miss Janis' performance. Her imitation of Vesta Victoria singing “Poor John” was little sort of a burlesque. Eva Tanguay's “I Don't Care” to better effect.
On Monday two overflowing audiences greeted the impersonator at the Colonial justifying the management in the reported extraordinarily high salary paid this young girl.
Miss Janis, taken by herself and considering her youth, pleases any number of people with her impersonations, but she is committing a fatal error, against the good qualities of her own work in bringing forth a remembrance with elegant disdain of Cissy Loftus, that incomparable mimic.
Variety 4:4 (04/27/1907)