Edward Clark and the “Six Winning Widows”

There seem to be some new husband- less young women among the half-dozen Mr. Clark carries. Two are good looking, two are almost, and two are good for comedy points. One wears a flower or small feather in her hair, a privilege evidently not extended to the others, but they all wear silk stockings, and that is something for a “girl act.”
Mr. Clark is playing the "tout" and playing it very well, while the finish re- mains the same, with the "kissing" song, made memorable by Arthur Dunn, so much so that Clark should discover a substitute. The act made a first class number on a first class program, and had the additional virtue of new costumes to further recommend it.
When you see silk hosiery in a collection where the majority are of the feminine gender, you conclude that either the act is good, or has been working steadily. Both together do not always follow.
Variety 8:1 (08/03/1907)