Dick Crolius and Co.

"Shorty's Revelation" is perhaps a sequel to Mr. Crolius's "Shorty." The slangy character, "Shorty" (Mr. Crolius), has a sister, Liz, and a chum, Butts Fagan. Butts is in love with Liz. He is a school day sweetheart of hers. Lord Fitznoodle appears after hearing "Shorty" is worth $200,000. Butts impersonates the Lord, disgusting Liz, but he is discovered. Shorty convinces his sister that the Lord is only after her money by pretending he has gone broke. Liz and Butts are happy as the bell rings for the curtain.
The plot is somewhat familiar but is a nice reason for Shorty's slang. The characters, except Shorty and the butler, need to be improved. The 25 minutes could be reduced to 20 and more slang injected.
Variety 24:1 (09/09/1911)