“Court by Girls”

The act was twenty-eight minutes long. A “cissified” male defendant (Tom Ward), is tried by a six member female jury before a female judge (Daisy Belmore) for having fallen in love with the plaintiff (Estelle Theband). The jury box and court tables were decorated with a pink color scheme, giving the set an “unmistakable feminine touch.” The act included individual solos and several “trot” bits. There was suspicion of “plants”, due to “unwonted applause vigor in a certain section of the house.”
"Mississippi"; "When the Chu Chu Leaves for Alabam"; "Jury Rag"; "Won't You Come and Take Me Out of Lonely Land"
The act was very well received. Daisy Belmore causes laughter when she sways in the judge's "scat" when the "Jury Rag" is being sung.
The voices "show up well", with Ms. Theband displaying the best voice. Helen Violette (the district attorney) was the "most active stepper." The act can undergo beneficial changes with the "timely" injection of "current court gossip".
Variety 29:5 (03/01/1913)