Breaking Into Vaudeville

The scene is laid in a dressing room of vaudevile theatre, and the quartet, returning from the stage, is upbraided by its manager for carelessness. He immediately calls a rehearsal, and the songs and action thereafter are legitimately introduced. The men “make up” in view of the audience, having a “Dutchman,” “Rube,” black-face and “straight.”
More and plenty of rehearsing will benefit the vocal portion. Oliver Johnson, who plays “Straight,” has a pleasing bass voice, but spoils his entire stage appearance by a dropping manner of carrying himself.
H. W. Haynes and H. D. Johns as the “Dutchman” and colored man respectively, supply a fair amount of comedy, although the best humor is secured before the comedy characters are taken hold of.
With the singing improved, both in selections and quality, and a solo added, the Imperial Four are going to be in demand because they have a corking good act, both in idea and execution.
Variety 4:1 (04/06/1907)