Bachelor Club

The Lavelle Sisters open the olio in ungainly looking cloaks and bonnets, tied with unsightly blue ribbon, afterward changing to neater dress
The only female principal is Viola Sheldon. Miss Sheldon looks extremely well upon the stage, has a high pitched but pleasing soprano voice, and in her lonesomeness attracts attention. Hastings, who also sang "Sue, Dear," touchingly - for te gallery.
Harry Hastings is a choleric general in the opening and a "con" man at the close, doing well with both. The Armstrongs do a three high on a bicycle and ave some fair riding and comedy. "Gertrude" from the chorus whistled serious imitations in a humorousmanner, and Mr. astings and Miss Sheldon have a conversation with too many personalities
There is a great deal of "slapstick" throughout and the "bladders" are employed. Much is laughable, particularly in the court scene at the opening. "The Bull Frog" number is poorly done through lack of proper costuming, but there is a goo singing finale to the opening, and "Money Time" is pretty, with electrical effects, which would show up better without the spotlight at the same time. The act made a big it but would look better with nattier costumes for te "straigt" riders. The comedian possibly could devise a character away rom the familiar "tramp."
Variety 1:3 (19/01/1907)