An Emergency Act

There is good fun in this latest piece where a “hick” variety team awaiting an opportunity to “break in” in the East are hurriedly dispatched to fill a vacancy. The action takes place on the stage, and consists mostly of an argument with the stage manager, well played by Harry Collins, although he is made to wish too often for “Casey and Whelan's” return (the team who disappointed). Considerable “padding” in both dialogue and business exists, and if the surplusage can not be substituted for agreeably, it should be dropped. Three minutes out of the piece would do no harm anyway.
More technical slang would probably be enjoyed. Harry Milton looks and plays his part well, but Ben Bradbury is too genteel a “hick.” Bradbury makes an excellent “straight” man. There is some bright dialogue, and “An Emergency Act” should develop into a first rate comedy offering. It had a hearty reception, although handicapped by following another back-of-the-footlights sketch.
Variety 4:1 (04/06/1907)