Florence Timponi

“Singing Comedienne” in Comedy Character Songs. Eight min. in one; went poor.

Finley & Burke

Singing, talking and a little dancing; 14 min. in one. This act went fair.

Jack Marley

“The Gabby Glide of Vaudeville” — tells stories for ten minutes; works in one; went fair.

Page? Hack & Mack

“Wait For The Finish” — two men and a woman; pantomic comedy equilibrists. Very neat appearances; this act went over very big. 9 min. full stage.

Sammy Duncan

“Three Wee Laddie From the Land of the Heather” — Scotch Comedian; singing and telling Scotch stories. 13 min. in one. Went good.

Lyle & Harris

“Two East Side Kids” — Two youthful people — singing, talking, dancing and play cornet, violin and saxophone. Carry a drop representing an East Side Street. 10 min.; olio; went fair.

Corn Cob Cut Ups

A Rural Festival, introducing singing, dancing, comedy talking, Pantomime and an Original Rural Brass Band. Eight men. This act went over tremendous big. 18 min. full stage.

Louise Dacre

“The Singing Comedienne” — Singing and comedy talking; 10 min. in one; went good.

Zermain &Vallal

Pantomime and Intrpotive Dances — Man and woman; special plush drop; Their offering consists of double toe, eccentric, Russian and classical — four in number — 12 min. full stage; went Fair.

Woolf & Stewart

In The Novelty Playlet “In Two Flats” — Man and woman; special scenery; this act went very light; the people don’t seem to care for acts of this kind; about two hundred people walked out on it this afternoon. 15 min.