John McGee

Blackface comedian, 12 minutes in (I). Fairly good act, he mixes in considerable of the old with a trifle that is new, a couple of parodies help out his talk and raise more or less laughter. Went fairly well with the audience.

Maxine Brothers & Bobby

Acrobatic act, 10 minutes full stage. Good at, nothing out of the ordinary, being much on the same lines with others that we have had from time to time. Display little new stuff, and the canine member of the troupe seems to receive the biggest share of the honors. All in all I would question the merits of the act as being strong enough for a feature.

Barrett & Earle

Comedy, singing, talking and whistling. 14 minutes (I). The man displays considerable versatility. His monologue succeeds in raising considerable laughter, while his whistling specialties are exceedingly fin, and provoked hearty applause. He has a few minutes in cigarette manipulation which is interesting and well done. The lady member of the team has little to do but does that little fairly well, her work being on the line of the old time Motor Girl which we had a number of years ago.

Volant and his Flying Piano

Singing and piano novelty. 9 minutes full stage special set. 3 people. A good novelty act bordering on the illusionary and mysterious to a considerable extent. The audience was very attentive throughout, and apparently was much interested, and upon its termination accorded fairly good applause.

Mellor & Depaula

Singing and comedy. 12 minutes in (I). A very capable act with excellent choice of songs rendered with much dash and vigor, interspersed with comedythat [sic] attacks one’s risibilties [sic] in a most pronounced manner. Laughter reigns supreme during their appearance and their reception at the hands of last night’s audience was ovational to the last degree.

Dunbars Salon Singers.

In Moments Musical, 20 minutes full stage, special set. 2 women. 3 men. Very good act; excellent choice of songs, rendered in a highly artistic manner. Scenery well nigh gorgeous, makes the stage picture one of great beauty. Made a tremendous hit, and were recalled innumerable times. Quite the most emphatic success for some time past.

Spencer & Williams

Singing and talking skit, 14 minutes in (I). Good act, with catchy and tuneful songs, and comedy along new and original lines. Owing to the absence of Mr. Spencer’s regular partner, he was obliged to secure the services of present assistant, who was as he says, his former associate. Whether or not this hurts his act cannot say, not having yet seen his regular partner. However, last night’s audience seemed pleased and accepted the act as good.

Wells & Fisher

Singing, talking and dancing. 12 minutes in (I). Fairly good act, much of their stuff being extremely old. Their only happy moments, and these are decidedly few, appear to have been purloined from Wood & Wyde whose appearance here is still fresh in one’s memory.