The Carson Brothers

As they dress in white and are enclosed in a black background the acrobatic work would give the “statue” effect without the postures

The Halfback Tavern

Mr. Vokes makes an entrance via a dog house set upon the stage. There is a young girl in the act named Maud Dunn. She has two changes of costume, besides the same number of songs, and does a neat little dance.

Gaston and Green

Miss Green wears a sweater and she should look at a photograph of herself in it.

Bartlett and Sullivan

Plot is of the experinces of a husband and his too solicitous wife. He brings home a skeleton and tries to keep this knowledge from his wife

Rawson and June

Spear and boomerang throwing. Miss June was once a contortionist and acrobat but her “figure now approaches the voluptuous, and spear throwing at a mark is about the only exercise it permits. She wore tights, however, very acceptably”

Sadie Martinot

Miss Martinot plays a young widow and she is “decidedly attractive”