Hazel Cox.

15 minutes in one. Miss Cox has some very pretty costumes and good songs and makes a very attractive appearance especially in her fashion song.

Harriet Rempel & Co.

22 minutes. Special full stage. Good act, well played. Especially good performance by Tom Smith as the clown.

Johnson’s Dancers.

39 minutes. 75 local children out on a splendid act and will undoubtedly draw business. In four scenes and specialties between the scenes.

Osborne Trio.

Equilibrists, full stage, 10 minutes. A very weak acrobatic act consisting of a man, woman and a boy, in simple acrobatic feats.

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Barry.

Special in one, 23 minutes in the “Scandals of Hensfoot Corner”. The Barry’s are good as usual but this vehicle does not give Jimmy the opportunity of showing his peculiar kind of comedy to as good an advantage as his other skits have.

The Fairbanks Twins with Richard Keene

Special and full stage, 23 minutes. These girls do a nice little act. While they do not show any special talent they are young and pretty, pleasing and not spoiled yet.

Rae Eleanor Ball & Brother

In “Musical Moments”. Olio in one, 14 minutes. They were a musical treat and pleased immensely in this spot.

Arthur Lloyd.

Humorous card index, 12 minutes in one. This man does some alrights with cards, his finish being to produce any card of any kind called for by this audience. Fair act.

Retter & Knapp.

10 minutes full stage. Juggling novelty, strong man assisted by comedian. Very good act of its kind. Pleased in this spot.