Mabel Berra

Mabel Berra, a veteran of vaudeville, returns with a new act involving a “boy wonder” pianist who only plays classical tunes, “passing up rag entirely.” Berra performs five songs with a costume change for each.

Adelaide Norwood

Miss Norwood’s venture into vaudeville proved successful despite her selection of “heavy material.” Focusing primarily on operatic selections, Norwood was able to hold the crowd while in a next to closing position. Her vocal gift helps Norwood gain respect in one of vaudeville’s most difficult niches.

Frank Hartley

The young juggler Frank Hartley made a district impression on the audience at the American. Performing without assistance, Hartley provided an entertaining program that included an interjection of comedy while juggling both light and heavy objects.

The Musikal Girls

“The Musikal Girls” are a five piece parlour act made up of recruits from the Fadettes. Despite the awful set design and haphazard organization these women were able to pull together a solid performance, winning an encore and several bows from their fifth avenue audience.

Emalie Lea and the Lucifers

This act consists of two dancers, Miss Lea and Miss Lucifer, and Mr. Lucifer performing as a comedic contortionist. These performers present a mixture of dancing, comedy, contortions and semi-acrobatics.