The Alpine Troupe

3 girls and 2 young men in a double wire act and as good as any we have ever played. F.S.

The Lorch Family

One of the greatest risley and ground tumbling sensations that we have ever played. Seven men and two women, all of them amazingly expert, beautifully costumed, and right up to the standard of showmanship. Work moves swift and precise and got immense applause. A great closer.

The Bouldens

Colored team, singing dancing and talking, comedy good 10 minutes in one, went very good.

Shorty Edwards

Singing, dancing trombone playing. Comedy good 10 minutes in one, went good plenty of laughs.

Byers and Herman

In their pantomime “The Clown’s Dream” in three scenes. A great act, the contortion work of Herman is wonderful, made a great closing act and went very big. 17 min. full stage.

The Leading Lady

A tabloid musical comedy, 10 people, a first class company, staged fine, principals very clever and girls also, well put together and made a big hit. 22 min. full stage.

Strolling Player

Two Italians playing guitar and violin. Went very well. 12 min. in one.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy

Playing “Clancy’s Ghost.” Always welcome, they never seem to grow old. “Clancy’s Ghost” is a great laughing comedy from the start. Went very big. 22 min. full stage, close in one.

Carbrey Bros.

Simultaneous dancers. Very good dancing team that works all the time that they are on the stage. Went very good. 10 min. in one.