Includes Bob Van Osten, Margie Ryan, Hazel Rice, Miss Coral, Harry Evens, Grace Celeste, Daisy Harcourt and Capitola Snyder. Group performances included The Lyric Quartet, Savan and Warren, and The Moran Sisters.

William Rock and Maude Fulton

it must be confessed that the musical comedy pair have made a most ambitious attempt to portray a dramatic incident! with elaborate attention to its scenic setting and atmosphere.

Charles Nichols and Co

Charles Nichols comes forward again in his old dope-fiend character around which the sketch, “Western Style” has been built. The character is well enough done, but the vehicle is utter nonsense.

Mr. Hymack

A lightning quick change artist performs in a sketch format. 12 minutes.

Madge P. Maitland

She is offering more of a singing monolog. The talk is introduced with a reason and the different parts hold together. She gives an idea of a tough boy trying to tell his pal a few bits of American history. The talk has virtue, if only in the fact that it is away from the hackneyed stories and gags that have been repeated until they ‘bag at the knee.

De Rouen

De Rouen has been in this country about a month. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 230 pounds. De Rouen is a Graeco-Roman wrestler only, but gives his opponents leave to use any style of hold.

Mlle. Joly Violetta

The offering consists of a series of parodies of European stars and her unique dances, in which she is assisted by Sr. Arnaud.