Flood Sisters

Two men in a revolving globe and balancing ladder act with performing dog. The revolving globe is very ordinary. The balancing ladder is fairly good. Act is alright – top bill. 12 min. full stage – 3 shows.

Byers and Herman

2 shows, 12 min, full stage. Contortionists and wire artists. One of the men is the best contortionist we have had here for some time, and the other is quite clever on the wire. Went with applause throughout in this spot today, and closed to a good hand, although, I can’t think this contortion work appeals strongly to our audience.

The Great Layfette

2 shows, 22 min, full stage. I have divided his act this week, the first part consisting of the Protean changes and the second the Travesty Band. The changes completely mystified the audience who seemed to sit with their mouths open, but at that, he did not score any tremendous hit. Perhaps it may have been due to his early place on the bill. Tonight we will move him down.

Jacob’s Dogs

This is an act something after the order of Ricken’s Dogs, but in this act there is considerably more comedy and the man does equilibristic work also. In some respects, it is a more satisfactory act than that of Rickens as it doesn’t get the audience’s nerves strained and the comedy relives the other work. 12 min. in 3, 3 shows in this house, although a two a day act.

Emmet DeVoy & Co.

In “The Saintly Mr. Billings.’ 25 min, FS, 2 shows. In spite of the drunk element of this sketch, it went strong with the crowd to-day. Miss Shone is very pretty and vivacious, and has a charming personality. Devoy is right up the mark in his work. The hits were constant and the close was a perfect scream, owing to the introduction of the colored baby which set up a howl and got the audience wild. The curtain was raised five times at the finish.

Chalk Saunders

Crayon artist. 12 min. in 1, 3 shows. This is one of the best acts of its kind. Saunders has the air of a man who can do things, and he certainly does them without any flourishes or ostentations. His talk is free, to the point, and decidedly helps the act. Each one of his drawings got applause and at the close got quite an ovation which was continued until he came out and bowed for the second time.

Mlle Mabel and Her Trainer Animals

15 min., FS, 3 shows. This act has been very much improved since the try-out here a couple of months ago. The little girl creates quite a favorable impression. She is pretty and bright. The animal acts are not so expert, as many we have seen here, but the little girl has a very charming personality and is absolutely at home with her pets. Moreover, her dogs, monkeys, etc. seem to have been trained through kindness rather than with the whip. There was frequent applause and a very good hand at the close. For the 3-a-day section this is a ‘find’ – and moreover, has a future.

Scott, Wilson & Co.

In their acrobatic comedy, entitled ‘A Bit of Show Life.’ Act opens with Wilson making an apology to the audience on account of the absence of his partner. Scott is discovered in the Orchestra dressed as a farmer. They have some funny dialogue for a few minutes, finishing with Scott going upon the stage and then go through their acrobatic work, which is very original and funny. The company consists of two boys handling a ‘prop giraffe,’ which does not amount to much. Acts stops when Scott and Wilson finish their acrobatic stunts. Will move them up a little further. 11 min, full st.

Harry Calvo

This man works in full dress making a pleasing appearance. Billed as the man with the phenomenal voice. Gives a double voice solo at the piano and a few imitations. Manages to secure a good lot of applause. Act is alright about second or third on the bill, and I presume it would be quite novel in the other Keith houses. 10 min. in two. Can work in one – 2 shows.

McMahon’s Minstrel Girls

2 shows, 9 min, open in 2, close full stage. Has been described from New York. Personally, and from the standpoint of the audience, I do not think this act is worth the money we are paying, but at the same time, I can’t see how we could cut the price down much. Did not go very strong in this spot today, and we will move them up for the night show. It is not a bad act, but these things do not appeal strongly to Boston audiences.