Roberts, Hayes & Roberts

 In their well known comedy sketch introducing some very good dancing. There is not a great deal to the act other than the ridiculousness of Robert’s make-up as an infant and his tactics [“tactics” scratched out, correction illegible]. They have a hurrah finish and leave to great applause. 20 min. open in 3, with about 3 min. in one, 2 shows


Slight of hand performer. His manipulations of coins, cards, balls, etc, are as good as any that we ever played and his address and manner are very agreeable. Strong enough to be placed down in the middle of any show. 15 min. in one, 3 shows.

Prior Brothers

Musical artists, singers and dancers. Those boys do a fair act. As far as the three a day acts go, they may be classed as fairly good. They play upon banjos, mandolins, harmonicas, and give some little singing, and wood shoe dancing. It is all right in an early position on the bill. 18 min, open in 3, close in one, although the entire act might be done in 1, 2 shows.