Mlle. Helouise

In a trapeze act, or rather it might be termed an act on a swinging bar as it is suspended from standards in the center of the stage. I think it is about the cleverest act of this kind that I have ever seen done by this woman. She is a bundle of nerves, and from the moment she strikes the stage until she finishes her act she is constantly in motion. Her tricks are all cleverly performed and are characterized by the grace which always distinguishes one of these foreign performers. 8 minutes, full stage.

Belle Veola

This lady opens her act with a song and a little dancing, introducing high kicking. She then strips to tights and does about as clever an act of contortion I have seen in many a day. She is inclined to think that she can do her act just as well in a short dress as in tights, but I am a little doubtful about it. She is going to try it to-night. Whichever way it goes, however, it is a thoroughly all right act. 11 minutes in one.

Robert Carter and Co

I was very agreeably surprised in this act after the report from the Bijou last week, for it went extremely well here and got lots of laughs. It is written around the old idea of mistaken identity, but the three people in the cast all did their work cleverly and I consider it a very acceptable offering. 21 minutes, full stage.

Mr. and Mrs. Breen

Double juggling specialty. This is the original Breen of Derenda and Breen, and in connection with his wife he has put together a very clever act. He has quite a strong vein of comedy, and while there is nothing especially startling about his juggling work, it is all good and they do a very satisfactory turn. 12 minutes, open full stage and close with about three minutes in one.

Crotty Trio

A man, a woman, and a little girl in a singing and dancing act. The singing does not amount to a great deal, but they are good dressers and good dancers. The man and the little girl bring especially good in their line. It is a very satisfactory 3-show-a-day act. 15 minutes, open full stage and close with about three minutes in one.

Edward I. Boyle

Blind pianist and vocalist. Of course there is a large amount of sympathy felt for this fellow; still, he has a very good baritone voice, and, I think, would make good even if he were not blind. He always goes very well indeed in this house. 9 minutes, open in two and close in one.  

Brandon and Wiley

Colored men and woman in songs and dances. Pretty much the same as all acts of this kind, except that the man introduces quite a little novel acrobatic dancing. From a 3 a day standpoint it is a very good act. 13 Min. in One. 2 Shows.

Francis Gerard

Posing and muscular exhibition, a la Sandow, and feats of equilibrity [sic]. This act is very good, but created no sensation at all. Of course, considering the difference in his salary and that of Sandow, we could not expect him to make the furore [sic] that the more famous performer created. He did very well however. 11 Min. Full Stage. 2 Shows.

Si Stebbins

Card manipulator. This man’s work is entirely different from that of most card manipulators, his method being mostly memory and location of cards in pack rather than sleight of hand. Because of this, his work is quite mystifying, and it goes very well with the audience. 15 Min. in One. 3 Shows.

Isabelle Urquhart

In “Even Stephen”. She never was very strong here, and this engagement is no exception. It is a nice clean act, and it is all right to play it about as often as we do. This is the first time we have had her in more than three years. She falls considerably short of being a headline feature. 20 Min. in 3. 2 shows.