Erford’s Golden Whirl

Erford’s Golden Whirl is three women with a revolving apparatus on which they perform strong jaw and other feats in an ordinary manner. They are attractively attired and present a pretty sight act in special stage drapery.  

Samsted and Marion

Samsted and Marion, in a strong-arm specialty, started it – started it with talk. Samsted speaks of himself as a physical instructor, and is very earnest about it. He talks through the act; otherwise it is all right, and it closed much heftier than it opened.

Strength Brothers

Two of the very best equilibrists in the business. Everything they do is worth while, and they present it with excellent showmanship. Gained applause after almost every trick, and there was a thoroughly substantial finish. Palace in three, 6 minutes.


10 minutes f.s. special drop. A nice, clean-looking chap with a good routine of strong-man feats. Opened the show in very good shape.

The Aherns

9 Min. Full Stage—Feats of strength. Just a fair opening act.

Three Marcantonis

9 min. F.S. One of the most remarkable strong man acts we have ever played. All three are magnificent athletes, one of them a wonder of the real Sandow type. Use rings and trapeze and are extremely well trained and showman-like in everything they do. This act could hold a good spot on any bill with credit. Of course, as an opener, it is more than acceptable. Each feat got a good hand and they made a fine close.

Three Marcantonis

10 minutes full stage. A good act. They show some feats of strength that are far above the ordinary.

Three Nevaros

8 min. F.S. This act is well known on the circuit. Two men and a woman, all working straight. Act is more in the nature of a “strong man” feature than acrobatic. It includes some new stunts that are immense and get a good hand from all parts of the house. The hand-to-hand dive from table, two barrels high, was especially applauded. Closed big.

Bellclaire Brothers

8 minutes f.s. The best of the strong men acts. Made a big hit here this afternoon.

Four Baltus

One of the best strong man acts we ever played. 10 Min. F.S.