Margaret Ford

Margaret Ford, though in the deuce spot, showed ability like a next-to-close. She is out of the ordinary as a double voice singer, as both of her contralto and soprano notes are well near perfect. She brings back a reminder of Claire Rochester in her prime.

Luciano Lucca

A double voice vocalist. A young man with a sort of a freak voice that no doubt appeals to a certain class. He managed to get quite a little applause. 9 Min. in One.

Lloyd & Waltone

This is a man and woman in a singing act, and they are both supposed to be Baritones; that is, the man is a baritone and the woman has a rather low contralto voice. They sing pretty well together, but there is not much evidence of cultivation in their voices, however, the audience was not looking for that and they were nicely received. 17 minutes; full stage; can close in one.

Harris and Lyman

A regulation team for the popular priced circuits, man and woman, doing singing, dancing and “jazz” comedy.

Harry Calvo

The idea is old and he gives it no new twists.