Sidney Phillips

(11 mins.) Following Miss Hoffmann’s big flash he did very well with his character songs and stories. He sang three numbers and closed with a recitation, finishing to a very good hand.

Lee Lloyd

In character songs, assisted by Jay Roberts at the piano. Everything in one, olio. The act was rather draggy at first and only went moderately well. Mr. Lloyd closes with the song “Rosy Marie” which made a hit and probably saved the act from being only moderately successful.

Rita Redfield

Juvenile Impersonator. This young lady has quite a little ability as a singer and while she did not get a tremendous amount of applause. I think she was well liked. A good act for this spot. 15 min. in one.

Dagwell Sisters

Character singing act. Beautifully costumed. Both good looking girls who possess good voices.

Mabel Carow

Character songs. Started off slow but finished good. 14 min. in one.