Gavin and Platt

A burglar breaks in to a house with woman in it. It would be better were he made “a gentleman in the rough”; woman carries her end well.

Will Clarke and Company

“Bertie Bluffington has been having a night out and has met a lady whom he informs that he is a magician. She enlists his aid in the search of her husband” “The action of the sketch lies in his endeavors to hide the woman from his wife and a friend, who proves to be the long lost husband.”

Louie Dacre, George McFarland and Bert Herbert

Miss Dacre: “it is not a pleasant thing to hear a woman swear under any circumstances. Miss Dacre seems to find it necessary.” When they find that “damn” fails to gain a laugh they throw in a couple of “hells” to liven up the jaded tastes of the applauders.” When Dacre ad the two comedians “are not swearing, the two men are making improper suggestions to her through very plain innuendo”.

Mr and Mrs Jimmie Barry

a would-be wise country youth who knows all the actresses through reading the Police Gazette

Nan Engleton & Co.

A young widow is pursued by a masher who says that unless she receives him within a half-hour he will break into her apartment. She has another admirer, a youthful Colonel, who has a “rum blossom” on the end of his nose and who has taken up riding as it is advertised as a cure. He is in pain due to sore feet from his riding boots and she thinks he is intoxicated. When she leaves the stage he takes off his boots. She enters, sees the boots and thinks her stalker has come. The Colonel locks her safely in another room, pretends to slay the intruder and “so wins the widow”

Richard (Dick) Golden

Jed’ is Golden’s standard character. Katherine Kittleman played the wife of Whiteman Mott and it did not work as “her husband being very young, and it militated against their scened together, hurting the effect.”