Chinquilla and Newell

This is an Indian woman and her partner, a man. The man opens the act with a few tricks of juggling. The woman comes on then dressed in full Indian style and sings an Indian song in English and in the Indian language; then a character song supposed to be sung by the Indians prior to going upon the warpath, and they close with some fairly good work on a couple of banjos. The costume of the woman, and the fact that she is an Indian makes the act somewhat of a novelty, and it is a very acceptable offering. 15 minutes, open in full stage; could close in one if necessary.

Edwin Baker and Co.

20 min. – Spec. prop in 4 – Two man and one woman, in a Japanese sketch. They carry their setting which is very pretty; and the act starts off like a large affair. However, it lags suddenly; the dialogue is very ordinary; the comedy fair. It had hard work to make good in its place on the bill.  

Clay & Robinson

“In Fresh from Sicily.” A comedy singing and talking act. This act went over good received plenty of laughs all thru and a big hand at finish. 15 min. in olio.

Bobby Bernard & Company

In a comedy sketch in which Mr. Bernard characterizes a young Hebrew salesman. A number of good laughs and the act seemed to please decidedly. 19 minutes full stage.

Fisher & Green

Jewish comedians in their well known sketch entitled, ‘Partners.’ This act went a great deal better than on its previous visit here. They seemed to have added quite a little to it and it was presented better. Not a big hit but went very well. 18 minutes short opening in one close F.S.

Barry and Hughes

On at 2.42, 22 min, in 1; special drop. A clever idea, well worked out. Miss Hughes, as the tough girl, is exceedingly good, much better in her character than Barry in his. The only fault to be found with the act is that it is a trifle long drawn out. I think it would improve the act if it was condensed to not over 16 min.

Callahan & St. Geo

After having had Callahan & Mack several times (who were very strong favorites in this town) the act in its present shape hardly satisfies. I can’t say that Miss St. George is at all bad in the act, in fact she is rather good, but she by no means replaces Mr. Mac and on account of the familiarity of the audience with the older offering, this one fell short. 20 min, FS, 2 shows.

Morrissey & Rich

in an Irish version of the old photograph gallery nigger act act [sic] for which they carry a drop of their own. From a three a day standpoint it may be classed as good. 17 min. open in three, close in one, three shows.