Ford Sisters

  20 min. f.s. Very pretty act, went over well.

Six Kirksmith Sisters

16 min. A very high-class musical act that repeated the big hit made on former visits. Their new program of instrumental numbers is even better than the last and the one vocal selection was a big applause winner.

Browne Sisters

12 min. One of the girls formerly appeared in a single turn as “Flavilla.” Doing the same kind of an act with another girl, the two playing accordions. They use popular music and the act was well received.

Lunette Sisters

8 min. f.s., spl. These girls done some wonderful stunts in midair, also a little dancing. IT is a flashy act and made a good closing.

Browne Sisters

13 min. in 1. These girls make a nice appearance, playing accordions with a little dancing. Went fair.

Courtney Sisters

12 min. in 1. These girls have a very good program of songs and put them over in their usual manner closing to a good hand.

Those French Girls (Amoras Sisters)

In Songs, Dances, Mirth and Physical Culture Demonstrations, — songs in both English and French; also performs on the Trapeze. Have own drop. This act went over great. 15 min. full stage.

Sibyle-Sammis Sisters

Sibyle-Sammis Sisters four girls in evening dress, sang several different harmony songs with no punch nor delivery, and they put no enthusiasm in their work. They all have good voices and would do much better in Chautauqx work.  

The Ziegler Girls

The Ziegler Girls, with Yorkes’ Symphonists as a background, held the house in the closing spot and did the same for the 19 minutes they were on. The girl, did four numbers, with selections by the band interspersed also a dance by the male assistant which got over nicely. The act is dressed well, but the girls are in evident need of touching up in just how to handle themselves a decidedly lack of grace being noticeable at times and especially was symmetry missing is a waltz number by one of the girls and the boy. The band as a six-piece affair, did well enough is so far as its music was concerned and helped in dressing the stage.

Helen Trix and Sister

Helen Trix and Sister worked quietly, and with four songs had enough left over to return for one more. The girls pleased mightily with their voices, but seemed to have a little difficulty while dancing, though there wasn’t much of that. It’s refreshing to hear a singing act get away from the stereotyped routine of published numbers now and then.