Chic Sale

Chic Sale entered and got more entering than “Bleaty Bleaty” had gotten coming, staying and going. Sale is a wicked boy with his keen satirics on bucolle native naivette, and he soon had them, proceeding thence to his customary succession of laughing triumphs and applause ovations.

Henrietta Crossman

Henrietta Crossman, the dear star, looking quite fresh and still easily able to carry convictions in love scenes, got an ovation coming and going. Her Fiske-like technique of sketch actresses in vaudeville. Her one-acter is “Every Half Hour,” by Albert Cowles and Roy Briant, a direct little satire on affinities which held up to the standards of its star while meeting the vibrations of the average audience.

“Oh, George”

A Comedy Satire — two men and two women; special set representing a studio; singing, dancing and comedy throughout the act; 19 min. ful stage. Went good.

Wood & Wyde

(18 mins.) A new offering here for this couple and was very well received. It is a dainty satire along with the same lines as their old offering with a song and finished with a travesty dance. Closed to a big hand.

Hugh Stanton and Florence Modena

2 shows, 20 min. full stage. Presenting their most successful satire on women, “For Reform,” which was received with shouts of laughter all through.

Ella’s All Right

In the characterizations of the shop girl bide and the department store salesman, both are doing an admirable bit of character drawing.