Frank Shields

Frank Shields, a cowboy rope manipulator, opened. Shields is a good dancer as well as an expert lariat twister. He combines the two frequently for first rate results.

Frank Shields

10 minutes, full stage. This man does some very good roping tricks with a line of talk throughout. Very good opening act.

Texas and Walker

Texas and Walker opened, a rope spinner and a girl. On pretty late because of the two pictures this team had a better chance than usually fails to the ice breaker. They worked in “one,” and got almost nothing until a whirlwind rope jump at the end which got the finish a hand for a bow.

Will Rogers

17 min. open F.S., close in 1 ½. Went quite as strong “alone” today as he has done on previous occasions with a more pretentious act. He has introduced a lot of amusing cowboy talk which gets the laugh all over the house, and his tricks with the rope are better than ever.

Jack & Violet Kelly

Australian Stock Whip Experts. This is a very good act, which held the attention throughout. They perform a number of very interesting and apparently difficult stunts, each of which won applause. The finish was moderately strong. Special in 5, 13 minutes.

Will H. Rogers, Goldie St. Clair and Co.

In their western lasso and broncho act. Rogers rope throwing and rope dancing very good. Miss St. Clair’s broncho riding very daring, the act all the way through very exciting and went very big. Rogers has three people in the act to ride four horses. The best act of its kind we have ever had and causing a lot of talk. 18 min. full stage.

Jack & Violet

F.S. Time 15. The first five minutes is wasted in mediocre lariat work, the better of which has been seen here time and time again. Kelly is undoubtedly a skillful stock whip manipulator, yet I would not class him ahead of Fred Lindsey. Kelly has a deliberate manner which slackens up the speed of his offering and hence does not make his work an ideal attraction to close a show with.

Myers & Ross

10 min. F.S. These people have improved very much since their last appearance. The man’s work is clever, and Miss Ross makes a very pretty appearance and does some clever stunts in rope-tying. Makes a good opener.

Sgt. Brennan

11 min. F.S. A very prepossessing chap who evidently takes great pleasure in his work. I doubt if people understood how very difficult the feats in diablo are; nevertheless, they are spectacular and beat anything that has even been seen here. Good applause with each feat. Close with a remarkable trick in bounding the bobbin from perpendicular spring boards clean across stage. Big applause.