Raymond & Caverly

19 min. in one. These people always go very strong here. Introduce a lot of new material, all of it was uproariously funny. Laughter throughout and a very strong close. Can hold any spot with entire credit.

Honey and Lee

“The Hebrew Policeman.” Some clever talk, good line of parodies and close with some eccentric dancing. In one.

Hal Merritt

“The College Boy from Ipswitch.” Merritt introduces imitations, comedy comment, stories, in fact a little bit of everything—during the running fire of which he executes a couple of comedy crayon caricatures. Went well from beginning to end. His encore, giving an imitation of a woman dressing her hair, proved a genuine scream and was especially appreciated by the feminine members of the audience. Finished strong. 16 minutes, special set in 1.

Andy Rice

15 min. in one. Same line of material as delivered here before, with some new parodies. Held the spot all right.

James H. Cullen

In 1. Time 18. Parodyist and monologist. Although he offered some antique humor, Mr. Cullen was a hit. Parts of his work are excellent.

Lew Hawkins

18 min. in one. A new line of material, including parodies and amusing patter. Kept the audience in good humor, receiving frequent laughter and applause, and closed big. One of the best in the business.

Hoey & Lee

Hebrew comedians, appearing this time as policemen. Have a very rapid form of cross fire talk that kept the audience laughing most of the time. Their parodies for a finish went very big and they were compelled to take numerous bows at the finish. Street in One, 13 minutes.

Raymond & Caverly

This thoroughly established team were one long scream. The audience applauded until it seemed to be thoroughly tired out yet would not let them go. Very few acts ever scored here as heavily as they did to-day. 21 minutes, street in 1.

Carlin & Clark

The American Germans. A rather pleasing team of German comedians with a good line of talk and parodies that are funny and at the same time clean. Went very big with our audiences. Street in 1. Time 18 min.