The Nagfys

The Nagfys, a man and a woman, with a special set, showing the interior of hades, with the man dressed as Mephisto. They do some sensational electric and fire tricks. It’s been a long time since a novelty act of this nature has played the big time, and in the showmanship style that it was presented, this act should play a long, healthy route. They have a novelty that will cause an audience to talk and will bring many repeaters of non-believers. The man is a good showman, while the female member, though only acting as an assistant, makes a very nice appearance.

Mme. Cronin’s Electrical Novelty

14 min. The electrical portion of this act is an elaboration of what Morris Cronin offered in vaudeville a year ago. In the present act, dancing takes the place of the juggling formerly done by Cronin. It lack speed, but is a pretty novelty. Held the audience interested and was given. A good hand at the finish.

Sylvia Bidwell Co.

“The Forest Fire.” 35 minutes f.s. Special sets. Second time here for this act, and going very strong. The cast is good, while the scenic and electrical effects are marvelous. Held the audience to the finish although the show ran nearly 15 minutes late Monday night.

Dr. Herman

The Electrical Marvel. Never has there been such laughter as greeted this act today, the building seemed to shake and it will be necessary to tighten all the chairs in the house before the end of the week. A RIOT in all that the word implies and a thorough showman. Garden in 4. Time 20 min.

Dr. Herman

The man who tamed Electricity. His experiments are very interesting, but his comedy work on the subjects is what gets the audience. Had them jumping out of their seats with the different situations he puts his subjects in, big hit, and look for it to do some business for me. 17 min. full stage.

Dr. Herman

Electrical comedy act. This man is certainly a great showman and had the audience in screams of laughter throughout his act. 20 min. F.S.

Dr. Velta

The Human Live Wire. Does some clever stunts with electricity. Plenty of comedy. Big hit. Makes them talk.

Dr. Carl Herman

“The Electric King.” Carries several men who assist him. He is a good showman, gets a number of laughs and will create considerable talk although the set is somewhat fakey [sic]. Full stage.

Dr. Herman

The Electrical King. 24 min. F.S. Owing to the fact that Dr. Herman’s paraphernalia did not arrive from Brighton Beach in time for the afternoon show, his first performance did not take place until tonight. It made a hit all right. The Doctor is a real showman right from the first, inspiring confidence with a large frame and impressive personality, speaking clearly and pleasantly. His little lecture was listened to with great interest and his experiments brought some applause. But when he called the men upon the stage to be experimented upon, the fun was fast and furious. As a summer laughing act it is a corker, and helps strengthen an ideal hot-weather show.

Kyayoma & Co.

In a Combination Electrical Drawing and Explosive act. Featuring the U.S. Navy in action. One man with young woman assistant. Draws Brooklyn Bridge, picture called Victory and U.S. Battleship, where the electrical affect comes in play by Firing of guns. This act received hands thro act and a big hand at finish. 12 min. full stage.